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reasons to buy 5G smartphone

Now the technology level is increasing very fast.if you are planing to buy a new smartphone this article is very helpful for you to choose 5G smartphone. in this article we are discussing about top reason to buy 5G smartphone in 2021

Today we can easily see different types of advance technology around us There is a good example of advance technology is smartphone.this smartphone is very past few years a normal human can't imagine a smartphone can do this type of amazing works. today that work are normal for every smartphone user 

Every smartphone lover on discussing about 5G. they are confused what benefits we get of a 5G smartphone we are exited to use 5G  in real life.

In past 4 years when Mukesh Ambani launch 4G in India. it was very big revolution for every Indian. Mukesh Ambani launch 4G internet in very cheap price 3 to 4 rupees per GB 4G data. 

When Jio not present in India the internet cost is very high a normal people can't afford the internet after Jio every thing was changed a normal people can easily afford internet .now Mukesh Ambani announce to launch 5G network in India between July to December month in India 

reason to buy 5G smartphone
Reason to buy 5G smartphone in 2021 

1. Future proof

this is main reason to buy a 5G smartphone yes if you buy a 5G smartphone you can take benefits of 5G when 5G come in India. every one know after some time 5G is defiantly     come in India. if you buy a 5G smartphone its your smart choice 

Now every chipset maker company make 5G chipset like Snapdragon and Mediatek is launch many 5G chipset in last few months recently Snapdragon 750G and Mediatek also launch our 5G chipset Dimensicy 1000 and some others 

Now Snapdragon is launching our budget 5G chipset in future 5G smartphone is available under 1000 like now 4G smartphone is available on lowest price range 

2.Fast internet speed and low latency

If you are a 3G, 4G user and upgrade to 5G network definitely you can notice improvement in internet speed latency and overall experience. the main work of 5G is provide you a high speed internet for your smart devices TV, computer , laptop and smartphone. 5G gives you 10,000 Mbps 

  • How 5G will impact our lives?  
the future is full of technology and 5G is  a next level of technology. you know today every thing is move on online like work from home, online study and every thing you can do online at home 

5G provide you high speed internet and you can easily do your work like work from home and online study and many others things anywhere in the world 5G improve your video consuming because of his high internet speed you can easily 4k videos online without any buffering 

3. Gaming experience 

yes 5G improve your gaming experience now same high graphics advance games can't possible to play on 4G network. 5G give you very high speed internet you can you high tech applications you can play games online without download this thing is amazing  

You can easily do 4K video gaming and streaming on 5G network. its improve your data downloading experience 5G gives you 10,000 Mbps downloading speed  

gaming experience in 5G

4. Calling experience 

5G improve your calling experience today the voice call experience is good but video call experience in not good at that time. when 5G comes in India you can easily every call as a video call in high quality 

when 5G comes in India you can easily do video call without any quality loss. In pandemic situation the use of zoom video calling is increase in 5G we can easily colab with 100 peoples at same time without any issues

5. Smart phone compnays 

Now every smart phones compnay is focusing on making 5G smartphone because of its future 5G smartphones is available in flagship and now compnays launch 5G smartphones in midrange 

5G smartphone compnays

As a survey in future every 3 smartphone out of  5 smartphones is 5G. now the demand of 5G smartphone is increasing 

6. summary 

If you are planing to buy a new smartphone definitely for 5G if you budget is high. because 5G smartphone is not available in midrange but after some 5G is comes in budget 5G increase your overall experience calling, gaming , it is future proof and main thing is its provide you high speed  internet   

Bad thing for nature 

yes 5G is future but the radio signal waves of 5G network in high than 4G and its effect on nature simpally it is very harmful for birds birds and many spices of birds in danger 

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