How artificial intelligence works in smartphone ?

How artificial intelligence works in smartphone

Nowadays artificial intelligence is one of the most developing technology in a smartphone. in this article, we discuss how artificial intelligence works in a smartphone? 

The use of artificial intelligence is increased. we use this technology in google assistant, apple Siri, amazon Alexa these all are good examples of Al. they all make the user experience better. 

Nowadays every smartphone company claims artificial intelligence use in her smartphone. they all are said AI camera, AI processor, AI battery optimization, and much more things. let's know what use of artificial intelligence in smartphone   

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence technology is used in computers and smartphones to make decisions like humans. AI can work like humans and it learns like humans. it thinks like humans 

Artificial intelligence use to perform complex tasks such as pattern recognition, weather forecast. AI has been used in google voice assistant, Apple Siri voice assistant.

It also uses in navigation based application Uber and video streaming platform Netflix. and artificial intelligence use in many other places. 

Types of Artificial intelligence

There are four types of artificial intelligence

1. Reactive machines 
2. Limited memory
3. Theory of mind 
4. Self-awareness 

Types of artificial intelligence

1. Reactive machine-
Reactive machines are the most basic type of AI system. Purely reactive machines are the basic type of reactive machines. reactive machines can't store memory or past experience for future actions.
Reactive machines only focus on the current situation and give us the best results.IBM deep blue system is a good example of a reactive machine. this machine plays cheese. the deep blue machine beat the world's best chess player in chess. google's alphaGo is also a good example of a reactive machine.

2. Limited memory-
Limited memory machines can look into the past. this type of machine can store memory. but he stores memory a few times. self-driving cars are the best option of limited memory AI.

Self-driving cars measure all things for driving. he measures how much traffic on street. he stores speed. he stores distance from other cars on street. 

3. Theory of mind-
Theory of mind Al should understand human feelings and be able to conversate like humans. these types of AI machines are not developed. but researchers make a lot of efforts for making this type of machine.

4. Self-awareness-
The final step of AI development is to build a self-awareness system. this system can represent themselves. it is the future of artificial intelligence.

This machine will be super intelligent. they have their own conclusions, sentiments, and self-awareness. these machines are smarter than humans.

What is AI in smartphone 

Artificial intelligence in the smartphone is he makes the user experience much better. Qualcomm and Mediated make AI chipset for the smartphone. This chipset is AI-powered he makes the camera better. now you can click better photos with an AI camera. AI can do many more things.

AI in performance-
Artificial intelligence boosts a smartphone performance. AI removes background applications in your smartphones. and smartphones can work with full power on a particular work. 

AI in battery optimization-
Artificial intelligence increases your battery life. Al removes background running applications for saving battery. and if you charge your smartphone full night AI disconnects charging automatically when your battery is charged fully. 
AI in camera-
Nowadays you can see smartphone camera quality is good. it possible with artificial intelligence. Al measures your background and your face and clicks photos on a perfect exposure. AI measures your temperature. he measures all things when you click photos.  

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